Basketball season keeps fans’ hope alive

November 4, 2010

by Sarah Brown, Co-Sports Editor

Basketball season is finally underway at Tech. For most Bulldog fans, this is the best part of the winter. 

Cold nights packed inside the warm Thomas Assembly Center, fans cheering at the top of their lungs and the look of victory upon the Lady Techsters’ and Bulldog basketball players’ faces are priceless. It’s a home victory. 

It’s Tech basketball. 

With the football season coming to a close in early December, head coaches Teresa Weatherspoon and Kerry Rupp are preparing their teams for what will hopefully be the best season in Tech’s basketball history.

Last year, the Lady Techsters had a phenomenal season with many close home games that unfortunately resulted in losses. This year, they plan to dominate the court with their charisma and stronger-than-ever basketball team. 

It’s great to have a Tech alumna as the Techsters’ coach, especially since she knows exactly what it’s like to be in the players’ shoes. 

Weatherspoon is keeping a close eye on her team, as she prepares them for this upcoming season. She’s using practice time to show them they can become one of the hardest teams to beat in the WAC. . 

Rupp hopes the same for his team. With similar games that resulted in a win or loss in the final minutes, the Bulldogs will toughen up to try to avoid the final minute games. 

Though the TAC is a highly exciting place when a win is on the line, it suddenly becomes a quiet place when the ball misses the goal for the buzzer-beater win. 

As the Bulldogs look to improve their home record, fans can look forward to singing and dancing along to the “Hoop Troop.” The new student section, which has been named the “T-Zone,” will overflow with energy, as they cheer Tech on to a home victory.

Fans can especially get into the games on nights of double-headers. They’re fan favorites, and it gives exposure to the Techsters and the Bulldogs, as the competition is on among teams to play their absolute best. With super fans in attendance, the TAC is the hopping place on double-header game days.

At last week’s Basketball Bonanza, Tech fans got a sneek peek at the upcoming season. Weatherspoon showed how her team practices, and the Techsters did a choreographed dance for the crowd. 

Weatherspoon came rolling out to “Born to be?Wild” on a motorcycle, as the audience roared in applause. She showed the strength and improved mentality her team will use this year to earn more wins.

The Techsters play Friday evening against Oklahoma Panhandle State in the TAC after coming off a major win against Arkansas-Monticello in Tuesday’s exhibition game.

After the men’s blowout win against Champion Baptist College in its home-opener Tuesday night, the Bulldogs are looking for a win at Texas at 8 p.m. Nov. 10 in Austin. 

While Bulldog football season says its good-byes just over a month away, the opening of basketball season will hopefully keep Tech fans on their feet as they cheer the Bulldogs and Techsters to victory. 

The Basketball Bonanza proved that Tech fans are surely “Born to be Wild” when the 2010-11 season rolls around. Guided by the “Hoop?Troop” and the ever so energetic fans, this season of basketball is sure to be one to remember. 

You know where to be when there’s a home game. 

Sarah Brown is a junior journalism major from Madisonville. E-mail comments to sdb035@latech.edu.