3 Docs brings more options to Ruston nightlife

July 14, 2010

by Zach Beaird

3 Docs Brew House, the newest addition to Ruston nightlife, will be opening its doors Saturday, July 24 in the Que Stick’s previous location on West Alabama Avenue.

Renovations began in April to change the existing design of the building to create a new atmosphere for bar-oers of all kinds.

Payden Hays, 3 Docs general manager, said one of the highlights of the new bar will be its performance space. He said 3 Docs will house the largest indoor music venue in the area.

“The plan is to host mostly live music,” Hays said. “We want to showcase local and nearby bands as much as possible.”

However, Hays said 3 Docs will still have disk jockeys for nights without live performances for more of a club scene.

Along with live music, Hays said 3 Docs will also offer pool tables, steel-tip darts, and five flat-screen televisions as entertainment for customers.

3 Docs will be open Monday through Wednesday from noon to midnight free of charge and Thursday-Saturday from noon to 2 a.m. for a $5 cover.

Chelsea Lackey, a sophomore civil engineering major, said she is excited to hear about 3 Docs opening.

“Ruston can always use more nightlife,” Lackey said. “It gives people more options of places to go on the weekends.”

Lackey also said she is glad to hear about all the entertainment 3 Docs plans to offer.

“I’m only 19, so I’m obviously not going out to drink,” Lackey said. “It’s good that they are going to have things like live music and pool for students my age.”

Hays said he plans for 3 Docs to appeal to every demographic by providing an array of activities throughout the day. He said the facility is meant to be a bar by day and club by night.

“Of course we want Tech students to come out at night, but we’re also making ourselves available for faculty and other adults to have a quality place to go after work.” Hays said.

For those over the age of 21, Hays also said 3 Docs will house its own on-site brewery to compliment its wide and quality selection of drinks.

Though 3 Docs will be opening its doors shortly, Hays said there are still plans for a grand opening for the beginning of the new school year. Hays said he anticipates a large turnout for the first weekend of school and feels that the community will respond positively.

“We’re trying to give Ruston something different,” Hays said. “All we can do is hope people are entertained and keep coming back.”

Hays said possible future plans for 3 Docs include a shuttle system from Joe Alliet Stadium to the bar to transport tailgaters and spectators during football season.

With so many services and goods provided, Hays said he thinks 3 Docs will be here to stay in the long run.

“This is nothing like the old Que Stick,” Hays said. “We’re making everything bigger and better for the community to enjoy.”