University apartments receive makeovers

July 1, 2010

by Crystal McCants

Changes are being made to one of the commons in phase one of University Park.

Sofas, loveseats and chairs are being replaced in Caruthers A, B and C, as well as being freshly painted.

Melanie Peel, director of residential life, said these changes are being made to ensure that the apartments continue to remain in good condition and up to the housing department’s standards.

“For many years the traditional halls did not have an adequate repair and replacement account, so those facilities did not receive the attention needed to stay updated,” Peel said. “With the apartments, a budget is set aside specifically for maintaining that standard of quality.”

Every summer, a different area of University Park will be updated. By closing one area each summer and not allowing 12-month leases in the closed location, more specific attention is able to be given to updates without disturbing residents, said Peel.

Last summer, some indoor painting was done, the steel railings were repainted and balconies and sidewalks were power washed.
According to Peel, the new furniture will be delivered mid-July, while painting and maintenance will be done between conferences scheduled throughout the summer. All is scheduled to be complete prior to the first day of fall quarter 2010, which is Sept. 3.

Although this process is planned to continue at a different common at University Park each summer, it is not known exactly what will happen.

No plans are being made to add new residence spaces, but Caruthers and Neilson Halls are scheduled to be demolished.
Funds are not set aside for the traditional residence halls in the same manner they are for University Park apartments because the funds for UP were procured in a different way, according to Sam Speed, assistant dean of student life.

Speed said funds are spent on various repairs in the residence halls.

“Oftentimes, students don’t see the money that is spent on repairs and basic upkeep,” Speed said. “Once that is addressed, there is very little, if any, money left for cosmetic repairs.”

Students are the driving force behind decisions that are made,
along with the administration leading each particular endeavor. Student requests are taken into account and much is done to make it happen, said Peel.

Christy Jackson, a senior engineering major, said she is excited about the changes.

“It’s good that the housing office is taking measures to maintain the new apartments,” Jackson said. “Those are really nice apartments that should be kept nice.”

“I can’t wait to see what changes will be made next summer.”