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April 12, 2018



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In my time spent at Louisiana Tech so far, I cannot count the number of times I have heard someone say “there is nothing to do on this campus” or “there is nothing to do in Ruston.” I myself have even said this in times of boredom. However, working on The Tech Talk these three years has made me realize these statements are not true.


If there was truly nothing to do in this community, we would have nothing to report on. Yet, here we are every week with a full newspaper.


On campus, there are events every week that range from medieval combat to volleyball tournaments. There is also an endless number of student organizations on campus that all host forums and other activities all the time. So, campus wise, there is always something you can participate in.


When I go to some of these events to report for The Tech Talk, it is honestly kind of saddening to see how much effort is put into them by these organizations hosting, and only 12 people show up.


Where is the school spirit and support? Where is the interest in being a part of the Tech community?


Now, before someone feels personally attacked, I will say that this is somewhat aimed toward myself. I usually do not attend many events on campus unless I am required to. If you are someone who does not really enjoy big events and crowds, I get that 100 percent.


However, there are times when I have been sitting in my apartment for so long that it is just plain ridiculous. We all need to experience the outside world a little bit at some point and give Netflix a break.


Ruston also has a ton to offer to Tech students. There is always some sort of shindig happening downtown at Railroad Park.


All in all, Tech and Ruston both have plenty of opportunities for everyone to enjoy themselves and be involved so there is no excuse of there being “nothing to do.”


Whatever you are into, I promise there is something here that will interest you. Whether it is joining a biking club, competing in video game championships or reciting poetry, it is all available at our fingertips. You just have to put yourself out there a little, maybe even do a little searching, and something interesting will come to you.


Morgan Bernard is a junior communication major from Echo who serves as managing editor for The Tech Talk.


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