Another year gone

July 13, 2017



Morgan Bernard
Staff Reporter | mrb056@latech.edu


With spring quarter coming to a close as finals week quickly approaches, most of us come to the end of another school year at Louisiana Tech. While many students are anxious for summer break and ready to hit the beaches with our fellow semester system universities, I am a little sad to see another year pass. It is amazing to me how quickly time has seemed to fly by since my first day here.


Already my friends and I will soon be juniors in college, but sometimes it feels like our time here has only just started. It seems like it was only yesterday when I was struggling to carry a mini fridge up three flights of stairs to my apartment freshman year. But at the same time, it feels like that was way longer than just two years ago.


It is also crazy how much I have formed to college life in my short time here. I remember waking up early my first day of classes because I was so nervous that I would not make it across campus in time for class. (By the way, for people living in apartments near Lambright, it takes exactly seven minutes to get to GTM.) Now when I wake up every morning, it is an internal battle on whether I should even go to class. Then once I am out of bed and ready, at the earliest, I leave my off-campus apartment 15 minutes before a class.


Tech and Ruston also feel like home to me now. As a freshman, I remember feeling so far from home, friends and family. But now I have all of that here as well as back in little Echo, Louisiana. Even though I am only halfway through my time here at Tech, I have grown very attached to the university and have learned so much about other people here.


I remember when I graduated high school adults would always tell me, “Enjoy your time in college. It goes by fast and you are going to miss it.” I would nod and subconsciously roll my eyes. Looking back on it now, these statements seem to hold true. I have loved my time at Tech and the new friends and connections I have made while being here. I can even say with truth that some of my best memories were made here in the  city of Ruston.


So, as you spend your summer break visiting family, taking road trips or working at an internship, think back on your time here. However you spend your time at Tech, your graduation will be here before you know it. You will be reminiscing about those all-nighters you pulled studying for tests and the days spent walking to class in the rain without an umbrella. There will also be even better memories to remember, like cheering on the Bulldogs at a sports game or that one wild night at the Rev with your friends. So while you are here, remember to take some time to have fun, make new friends and enjoy your college experience while you can because as cheesy as it may sound, time really does fly by.


Morgan Bernard is a sophomore communications major from Echo who serves as a staff reporter or The Tech Talk.      


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