An ode to the Keurig

March 31, 2017



Kacie Kaufman
News Editor  | kjk019@latech.edu


We all have our reasons for rising each morning. Some of us are the early-morning go-getters, the sunrise yoga-doers and the 8 a.m. class-attenders. My motivation, however, has nothing to do with birds chirping and the sun shining. Each morning, the call of the Keurig brings me back to life.


The sleek machine beckons me with the sweet promise of caffeine and gives me a reason to leave my bed.


The Keurig is a tenant of modern convenience, the iPhone of coffee makers. Its purpose is to be entirely user-friendly, based entirely on instant gratification. A strong cup of coffee is merely a few clicks away — no grinding, no measuring, no fuss.


The machine stands for all the modern amenities which the world strives to fulfill — choice is inherent. It reflects all that we have grown accustomed to, with its seemingly endless flavors and variety all easily accessible.


In our lives, we expect to have nearly endless options and anticipate being constantly catered to and instantly having all of our wishes granted at the press of a button.


As a college student, I see daily where students look for a path of little to no resistance. Students seek an easy button for life and the minimum workload required. We presume the world will work in our favor and embark on the quest for the ever-elusive convenience which we have been trained to expect.


But the world is not our personal Keurig machine. Perhaps instead of looking for the world to adjust to our needs, we need to accept that there are certain aspects of our existence that simply require more work than operating a coffee maker.


It is more than acceptable to appreciate and utilize this kind of convenience, but ridiculous to expect it at every level of our life.


The world may give the illusion of ultimate ease, but in reality, no matter how advanced and streamlined our society becomes, there are only so many ways to make life easier. True grit and the hours we put in every day will be essential to getting anywhere worth going, but at least the caffeine to help get us through the grind is only a few moments away, all thanks to the Keurig.


On days when things don’t come easily, a good cup of joe is only a pod of pre-measured coffee and a click of a button away. When things aren’t going your way, take time to appreciate this perfectly brewed fluid filling your mug. Your work may only be half-done and your cup may be half-empty, but at least your mug is full — and easily refilled.


Kacie Kaufman is a junior journalism major from Loveland , CO,  who serves as a news editor for The Tech Talk.


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