Americans do what it takes to watch ‘The Interview’

January 15, 2015

Staff Reporter

James Franco and Seth Rogan play a talk show host and producer in the controversial comedy, “The Interview.

James Franco and Seth Rogan play a talk show host and producer in the controversial comedy, “The Interview.

Despite much controversy over the release of the movie, “The Interview,” Sony announced that it is their most successful online movie.

In November, Sony was hacked by an anonymous group who identified themselves as the “Guardians of Peace.”

After threats of war from North Korea and major cinema chains refusing to show it, Sony pulled “The Interview” from theaters.

However, by mid-December after widespread criticism from the public for bowing to the hackers, Sony decided to make the movie available online and at theaters who were willing to show the controversial movie.

It was shown in select theaters on Christmas Day and made $5 million at the box office.

“The Interview” was rented or purchased online more than 4.3 million times and made over $31 million.

The movie was illegally downloaded more than 750,000 times on Christmas Day alone.

The Interview was directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg.

It stars James Franco as Dave Skylark, a nighttime talk show host, and Seth Rogen as Aaron Rapoport, Skylark’s friend and the show’s producer.

The two land an interview with North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un and are recruited by the CIA to make their trip an assassination mission.

The movie essentially makes the problems in North Korea a joke, but also has a way of showing viewers a glimpse of what is happening.

Rotten Tomatoes, a popular movie review website, gave The Interview two and a half stars.

They said the movie was overshadowed with controversy and it offered muddling laugh bolstered by its two likeable leads.

Other movie review sites such as Metacritic and Common Sense gave The Interview low ratings.

Stephen Boone of the RobertEbert.com movie review website gave the film a two-star rating. Ebert was a internationally-renowned film critic who died in 2013.

Boone said he did not laugh once, but there were a few lines in the movie that made him grin.

Franco and Rogen took a very serious topic and made it into a comedy because that is what people want to see.

There was a lot of controversy on popular social media sites such as Twitter and Tumblr.

Many people did not think the movie should be released because it did nothing but harm America’s view of the conditions in North Korea.

The movie did make jokes about the country, but at points it showed how things really are.

The Interview is available to rent or purchase on Google Play, VUDU, Amazon, Youtube, Movies, Xbox video and iTunes.

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