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November 4, 2014

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The Louisiana Tech Alumni Association will host its annual Golden Society Reunion on Friday.


Wes Cavin, director of alumni relations, said the reunion will primarily focus on the graduating classes of 1964 and prior.


“While anyone from the classes of 1964 and before may attend, we are planning to give a special commemorative diploma and medallion to the classes of 1964, 1954 and 1944, respectively,” Cavin said.


He also said the association chose to honor the classes of 1954 and 1944 because they believed those classes have reached important “milestones.”


Cavin said he felt the returning graduates will greatly enjoy the festivities.


“Right now, we have around 75 alumni who have signed up for early registration,” he said. “It should be a good crowd of folks who are happy to return to the university after all these years.”


Cavin said his favorite part of the reunion is speaking with the various alumni.


“It’s usually expected for the alumni to be awestruck at how Tech has changed in 50 years,” he said. “In reality, I think I’m more shocked from their stories of how Tech used to be. It’s always exciting to hear how far we’ve come and compare it to where we are now.”


Barbara Swart, administrative coordinator for alumni relations, said seeing the various alumni interact with each other is her favorite part of Homecoming.


“This is my 28th year to do Homecoming here at Tech,” Swart said. “I give them nametags with their senior yearbook pictures on them and they use those to find their old friends by face. It’s always fun to see the reaction.”


Cavin said, while busy, Homecoming Week is still something everyone can enjoy.


“Since we are also holding the Breakfast with Champ event again this year, as well as some other festivities, I’d say the week is very busy,” he said. “However, it’s the good kind of busy. It’s a collaborative effort with the Student Government Association and city of Ruston, and we want to give all of our Tech fans something to get excited to see.”


Cavin said at the end of the day, the Alumni Association is eager to provide the returning graduates with a memorable week.


“It really is an exciting time to be a Bulldog,” he said. “Homecoming is always an exciting time for the alumni, and we love the role we play in helping them reengage with their peers. After all, they made us who we are today.”


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