All work, no pay

May 16, 2014




Hannah Schilling
Multimedia Editor


have always said I would never write a goodbye column, mostly because I didn’t think I was ever going to leave the Tech Talk. But after three years, graduation is pushing me out the door, prying my precious paper from my fingers.


Law school at LSU will be different, to say the least. Besides worrying about survival, I will miss everything about this university. 


I will miss the journalism department, the people responsible for my drive from the beginning. They sparked a fire in me, and it hasn’t gone out. 


I will miss my debate teammates, who have loved me and been my best friends from my first round in Arkansas all the way to my last in Finland next week. There is no other group I would rather spend 17 hours in a van with. 


Thank you to my debate coach, Shane Puckett, who has always believed in me and helped turn me into the confident person I am today. To Dr. Pigg, who said he reads every column I write, for fostering my love for law and being the most dependable reader I have. To Dr. Mhire, who has taught me to never stop questioning things, even if I’m pretty damn sure I’m right. To Dr. Owens, Dr. Roberts and Mike LeBlanc, for pushing me to do things I could never imagine doing.


I value my professors. Why does my university not value them, as well?


Tech professors are overworked and underpaid. After at least six years of no pay raises and consistent rise in the cost of living due to inflation, many are leaving for better paying jobs. The empty positions are left unfilled due to budget cuts, leaving the remaining professors to take on the extra work load. 


While the literal source of our education is dwindling, new students are flooding in. Already, Tech has admitted 3,500 students to start in the fall, and there are more than 5,000 applicants, up from 4,000 at this time last year. 


Why are they coming to Tech? Many say it is the feeling of home they have when they are here.


Who can we attribute this feeling to? The professors. They spend more time with students than professors at other colleges do and help them feel comfortable in a classroom. They have created the Tech family everyone loves today. 


Just like Tech athletics gives coaches raises when they succeed, professors should be rewarded for making this university what it is today. In order for Tech to continue to excel, it must retain the people who have gotten it this far. In October, President Les Guice said an increase in enrollment would make it possible, but only time will tell if it is in fact a priority. 


I love this university almost as much as my professors do. I hope it starts loving them back soon. 


Hannah Schilling is a senior journalism and political science major from Shreveport who serves as multimedia editor for The Tech Talk. Email comments to hms017@latech.edu.


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  1. me Reply

    May 20, 2014 at 11:33 am

    with the cuts Louisiana Tech and other Uni’s have had, the Professors should be proud to just retain their jobs at this point. I’m not saying they deserve raises by any means, I’m saying it seems there is a bigger picture and its about survival.

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