Age is just a number

April 3, 2014


Kaleb Causey


Tyler Summitt, son of legendary Tennessee coach Pat Summitt, was announced as the next head coach of the Lady Techsters yesterday.


This is a fantastic hire for Louisiana Tech, and he will surely do great things for our university.


Just as people had complaints about athletics director Tommy McClelland’s age after he was hired, people have the same reservations with the 23-year-old former Marquette assistant head coach.


Tyler Summitt is no newcomer to women’s basketball. He has been around it his entire life.




As he said in his press conference yesterday, championship culture is something he knows and has experience with.


The Lady Techsters are the second winningest program in NCAA Division I women’s basketball, only behind the Tennessee Lady Vols.


The Lady Vols and Lady Techsters have a historic tradition of competition, especially during Leon Barmore, Tech head coach emeritus, and Pat’s coaching days.


Tyler recalled watching film with his mom after games against the Techsters and Pat saying, “That’s a good move by Leon.”


Basically, he knows what he needs to do to win championships.


For the naysayers who still exist, look at his network. He just hired Mickie DeMoss, former Lady Techster and coach under Pat for 20 years at Tennessee, as his associate head coach. He also has Pat, Barmore and a ton of other coaching legends at his disposal.


If you still have concerns about him, consider that. He may be new in title, but his experience and network is full of seasoned pros that know exactly what they are doing and will have sound advice for him.


This was McClelland’s first hire since being announced as athletics director in July 2013.


As mentioned earlier, a lot of people also had reservations about McClelland’s age.


This should prove all those people wrong.


He hired a fantastic basketball mind to restore the Lady Techsters to their tradition of championships.


That same basketball mind hired a great mind as his associate head coach.


The pairing of Tyler Summitt and Mackie DeMoss, along with the tremendous amount of contacts, means Lady Techster fans are in for some exciting seasons to come.


Kaleb Causey is a senior journalism major from Jonesboro who serves as editor-in-chief for The Tech Talk. Email comments to ktc013@latech.edu.


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