ACS Spreads Wings with First Ever Trivia Night

April 12, 2018



Staff Reporter | iqg001@latech.edu


When people hear about trivia based events, they often underestimate the level of entertainment they can bring.


Louisiana Tech students faced off on March 26 during the first ever American Chemical Society Trivia Night.


The event was hosted in Carson-Taylor Hall by the ACS. This event was made possible in an effort to expand ACS and make it more accessible to students.


Katie McKenzie, a freshman biomedical engineering major and social chair for ACS, described trivia night as a good chance to branch out and show everyone that there is more to ACS than just chemistry.


“On occasion people will think we are just super chemistry-based or very community-based and we wanted to get a little bit of everywhere with Tech,” McKenzie said.


The event was divided into eight rounds, each with its own category of questions. It was not just chemistry questions being asked. Categories ranged from a variety of different subjects, such as history, biology, computers and Disney.


The event brought in several interested students, including members of Tech’s very own quiz bowl team.


Jacob Mitcham, a sophomore biology major, has been a member of quiz bowl since his freshman year and came to ACS trivia night with his fellow quiz bowl members. He takes great joy in quiz bowls and trivia nights.


“I enjoy the academic competition more than I like most sports competitions,” Mitcham said. “It is more like my thing because I am really good at trivia.”


Ethan Strahan, a freshman chemical engineering major, had never participated in a trivia night prior to this.


“I heard about the event from following ACS on Instagram,” Strahan said.


He was later encouraged by his friends to tag along. During the event, he noticed he was very strong with questions not just from his major, but also disney themed questions as well. When asked whether he would come back, he said he absolutely would.


McKenzie was very pleased with how trivia night turned out, saying ACS will most likely do another trivia night in the future and potentially add mini games to spice up the fun. However no such events have been announced. As of now, the organization is planning for a much larger event next month.


“We are planning to work with the Environmental Group of Ruston for the Earth Day Rally,” McKenzie said. “So that and a couple of other things are our biggest priorities but I think we will definitely do a trivia night in the future.”


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