A year in the life of royalty

October 17, 2013




A time-honored tradition at Tech, with each Homecoming comes the crowning of a new king and queen.


The Homecoming King and Queen for 2012, Heath Garner and Mallory Cox, embrace after being introduced at the pep rally. -  File Photo by Deepanjan Mukhopadhyay

The Homecoming King and Queen for 2012, Heath Garner and Mallory Cox, embrace after being introduced at the pep rally.– File Photo by Deepanjan Mukhopadhyay

Adding to the list of elected royalty were last years, Heath Garner and Mallory Cox.


Cox, a graduate student in education, said being queen was a surreal moment for her.


“After the homecoming court was introduced at the pep rally, we were seated on the side of the court,” she said. “I just remember talking to Heath about how excited we were and how we could not believe we were there at that moment.”


Cox said she recalls looking up at everyone in the stands and seeing the posters with her name on them during the long pause before king and queen were announced.


“I felt a sudden burst of nerves and excitement before hearing him call out my name,” she said. “I would have never imagined that I would have the opportunity to be the homecoming queen of my university.”


Garner, a senior biology major, said the experience was made even more special due to the fact he was able to share it with Cox.


“Mallory and I knew each other very well before that,” he said. “We played in the band together at Temple Baptist Church before, so it was really good to be able to share this honor with her.”


Garner and Cox both said the honor was even more special because it was voted on by their peers.


“It was different than any other award I’ve gotten before because students voted on me,” Garner said. “I was extremely humbled.”


The 2012 queen also said the 2013 court should feel honored and respect their accomplishments.


“All of you have been selected by your peers – what an honor,” Cox said. “You are admired and respected. Now, you are provided an additional privilege to be a leader at Louisiana Tech. Know that others look up to you.  Continue to be a positive influence on those around you by encouraging, supporting, loving, and serving them.  A smile is contagious; a positive word is uplifting; and an act of service speaks volumes. I am proud of each one of you for being a leader on campus.”


Garner said he really looks forward to one of the changes of this year’s homecoming, announcing the king and queen on the football field at the game this year.


“It builds up the excitement and adds more shock value,” he said. “Everyone is there and everyone is cheering and no one knows until that very moment.”


Cox said although this Homecoming will be a little bittersweet as she passes on her cherished crown, she is still looking forward to being back in Ruston this week.


“I am looking forward to seeing everyone again,” she said. “Having moved to Shreveport, teaching junior high math and continuing as a full-time grad student, I have been a little busy.  It is great to come home and catch up with friends. I have missed being on Tech’s campus.”


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