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December 17, 2015





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The world is changing. As this year comes to a close amidst all of the tragedy, violence and war, there are reminders of hope and progress.


On Saturday Saudi Arabia took a major step towards equality, by allowing women to vote and run for office.


Saudi Arabia was the last country in the world to lift restrictions onĀ  women from voting and running for office.


Eighteen women were elected to various offices around the country.


I am proud of Saudi Arabia for taking this step for the women there and around the world.


This is a major change for their country and the world.


Although there are certain other restrictions still enforced on women, such as not being allowed to drive, allowing them to vote gives them a voice.


By doing this, Saudi Arabia has moved forward in recognizing women as equal citizens.


In America, sometimes we can take our freedom to vote for granted and often do not realize there our others in the world who have a voice and desire for it to be heard and make a change.


No one should be restricted from this opportunity.


The role of women is being acknowledged around the world, but no longer simply as women or less than men, but as equals.


Women are no longer being seen as having a designated role of cooking, cleaning and taking care of the children.


Within the past century, this viewpoint has dramatically changed, because we are so much more than this.


Having this mindset, the world put us into a box saying this is what you are going to do, and hopefully you like doing it.


How is someone supposed to feel their opinion matters when they have no say in what happens to them or their country?


It makes someone not feel human. This is what it comes down to, we are all human; women are just as human as men are.


Women in positions of power offer just the same contributions as men, while bringing different perspectives as well.


By allowing women to vote, Saudi Arabia has opened up numerous opportunities for change and now another outlet for women to have.


With women holding office, the possibilities for progress in Saudi Arabia have expanded.


Ellie Moslander is a senior journalism major from Albuquerque who serves as editor in chief or The Tech Talk.


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