A Homecoming with purpose

November 6, 2017



Andrew Bell
Staff Reporter | agb022@latech.edu


Growing up, I went to high school in Alexandria, Louisiana. Like most high schools, the homecoming tradition at Alexandria Senior High included the approach of Homecoming early in the year, searching for a date, finding a pricy outfit, going to the football game the night before and making an appearance at the dance so you could go to the after party.


At the time, I never thought twice about the arbitrary nature of it all. It was just something you did, whether or not anyone really understood why. Most people attended the dance and the ones who didn’t were viewed as unconventional for whatever reason.


Essentially, high school Homecoming functioned as a photo shoot, unless you liked dancing. And that is not to totally put down high school Homecomings. I actually enjoyed my four experiences, for the most part. However, there is just a lack of meaning that is evident in the process.


So, as it came closer to Homecoming time my freshman year of college, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. Is there a dance? Do I need to go buy a tuxedo?


When I was informed that most students simply went to the Homecoming game and voted for the king and queen, I was relieved, but then thought something was missing.


I knew in high school, Homecoming technically meant the return of alumni, but no one ever really acknowledged it. No one wanted to be “that guy” or what our high school referred to as “Trojan boy,” who returned to high school after they graduated to hang out with the kids younger than them.
So I kind of forgot about that aspect of Homecoming. Upon learning that the return of alumni is actually a highly anticipated aspect of Homecoming at Tech, I gained an entirely new respect for the event.


It is an opportunity to create relationships with former students of a university that truly regards their alumni as family members. Not to mention, it’s an opportunity to create alumni networks with people for internships and job openings. I never felt that connection in high school, but at Tech it’s a meaningful experience.


Not so arbitrary after all, eh?


So, to all Tech students: go out and support your Tech football team against the North Texas Mean Green Saturday afternoon, and try to connect with your returning alumni and solidify yourself as a member of the Tech family.


Andrew Bell is a sophomore communication major from Alexandria, Louisiana.


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