A heartless ‘heartbeat’ ban

May 17, 2018


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This week saw a large victory for opponents of abortion with Iowa passing a ban on abortions after the detection of a fetal heartbeat which is generally around the six-week mark. The law is a follow-up on Iowa’s 20-week ban which passed last year and was one of the most restrictive laws in the nation.


The problem with this law is how short the period for women to make this decision is. Six weeks is hardly enough time for women to know they are pregnant, let alone make the hard decision of whether or not they want to keep the child.


Across the nation, abortions are made increasingly more difficult to obtain safely. In several states, there are only one or two clinics that one could go to. Even if women are able to make it to a clinic, they must go through harassment and hassle from pro-life advocates who protest in front of these places. This bill sets a precedent that will make that process much harder for people who are just trying to make a decision about their health and life.


Much of the argument around abortions is based on the idea of choice, but this bill is taking that choice out of the hands of many women. It is throwing the choice out the window in favor of telling women what they can do with their bodies. The same conservatives who look to cut government overreach are ironically using the government to enforce their views on the women of Iowa. The “heartbeat ban” is yet another double standard from the pro-life movement who look to ensure babies are born but not cared for after.


This ban is just another act in a long chain of persecution against women and their rights to choose. They have slandered people who have done nothing except make a healthcare choice and are now chipping away at a vital procedure.


Abortion is not a procedure women elect to have because they are so excited to get one. The way pro-life advocates frame these women is unjust and harmful. They are women trying to do what is best for them in the moment. They are not murderers or evil people but people in a hard situation doing what they have to for themselves.


How the ban will affect women is still in the air, as it puts safe and legal abortions in danger in the United States. The more restrictive abortion laws get, the more likely dangerous options will be chosen. For years before Roe v. Wade, abortions were many times unsafe or difficult to obtain. Now, however, women can make a decision about their bodies with certainty they will have a safe procedure. We, as a nation, should not infringe the right for women to make such decisions and take away a safe method for their abortion.


Bryn Young is a sophomore communication major from Mountain View, Arkansas, who serves as news editor for The Tech Talk.


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