A.E. Phillips ranked best elementary school in state

September 29, 2016

Kerry Waguespack
Staff Reporter | kfw005@latech.edu



StartClass recently ranked A.E. Phillips Laboratory School as the best elementary school in the state of Louisiana based on more than just test scores.


The rankings were based on a number of factors: test scores, school environment as well as disciplinary actions.


Joanne Hood, principal, said A.E. Phillips’s success has come from the hard work and dedication the teachers put in to make sure the students want to learn.


“Normally the Department of Education ranks the schools in the state solely off of the test scores we submit, which does not always show who the best school is,” Hood said.


She said this ranking by StartClass shows a more complete view on how a school is doing rather than just showing what kind of test takers the students are.


“We have a very strong sense of school community,” Hood said. “Everyone knows everyone here, whether it be the teachers or administration we try to know every student by name.”


She said when it comes to helping the children learn it helps the students to be in an environment where they feel safe and welcomed by the faculty.


“One of the biggest contributing factors to the success we are having comes from the support the students parents show in the school,” Hood said


DeEtte Wicks, sixth and seventh grade English teacher, expressed the same thoughts as Hood, she said the parents do a great job of getting the students eager to learn when they come to school.


“We are lucky to have the families we do here, the parents expect their children to get a good education which reflects on the students who come to school every day expecting the teachers to be their best.” Wicks said


She said the parents having a financial investment in their children’s early education shows they are serious about wanting their children to succeed.


“It seems to me that our students do not face the same types of problems as some other children throughout the state,” Wicks said. “They come to us from families who put their children first, which reflects on the attitudes of the students when they come to school”


Jenny Blalock, curriculum coordinator, believes that everyone from the parents to the students to the faculty are all a part of the reason A.E. Phillips was ranked where it was.


“Our teachers are a bunch of go-getters here,” Blalock said. “Most of our teachers have master’s degrees in the education field, which shows their dedication to being at their best when it comes to educating our students.”


She said it is not all about the core classes like math, English, and history.


“We still offer classes in the arts, such as music, foreign languages and art,” Blalock said.


She said the students also benefit from getting a Physical Education class once a day, which helps the students to relax and have fun instead of being focused on school all day.


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