Childhood complications

December 20, 2012



Molly Bowman


Not many can refuse the sweet, boyish charm of Kevin McAllister in the Christmas favorite “Home Alone.”


Macaulay Culkin, who plays McAllister in the first two “Home Alone” movies, was always one of my favorite child actors growing up.


While checking my email recently, a story about Culkin came up on my AOL news feed. Yes, I do still use America Online.


The story said he was an alleged heroin addict. I thought “could this be real?”––picturing the sweet littleboy in “Home Alone” in my head. Should have I been surprised? I guess not.


Looking back on other child stars I watched growing up, a majority of them do have some sort of problem with drugs or addiction.It is a trend that is never ignored on celebrity gossip sites and is almost bound to happen at some point.


Another example is Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Where do I begin? They were my role models. I wanted to be them because I thought they were the epitome of cool and cute. I owned their clothes, movies, Barbie dolls, beauty products and even their Gameboy game.


They entered stardom when they were only six months old when they were cast in the show “Full House.” That has to take a toll on someone growing up. How were they expected to not have problems when they never had a chance at a real childhood?


I feel like Ashley did pretty well for herself despite some weight problems but Mary-Kate didn’t handle it as well. She has had problems with anorexia and drug addiction.


It’s sad to think that someone who influenced you so much as a child can turn out to be what your parents try to keep you away from.


But the prime example is Lindsay Lohan. What happened to her? She has been to rehab, jail, had trouble with weight and been caught stealing multiple times.


Although she has had a rough time, there will always be one redeeming quality about Lohan: her role in “The Parent Trap.” This is one of my favorite movies and she was absolutely the cutest, most precious creature that ever walked the planet in this movie and I will always take a liking to her for it.


She seems to be back on the road to recovery like some other child stars but if she should relapse I hope she doesn’t say no, no, no to going back to rehab like Amy Winehouse did—and we all sawwhat happened as a result. This poses the question as to why parents want to put their child into the spotlight knowing this could possibly be a high risk?


You know the Olsen twins didn’t have a say at six months old for this type of life.


As a child I always wished I could be a child star for the fame and fortune like most people I’m sure. But looking back on this now, I wouldn’t have given up my normal childhood for anything. I think that every child should have this opportunity.


I wouldn’t doubt the Olsen twins had a blast growing up and got pretty much anything they ever wanted, but I bet they wished for normalcy at one point. And Drew Barrymore? Because of the toll the spotlight and Hollywood took on her, she entered drug rehab twice by the age of 13.


According to People.com, at age 9 she had her first alcoholic beverage, started smoking marijuana when she was 10 and began using cocaine at age 12. These are some serious things for any age, let alone a 13-year-old.


Do you think she or her parents wanted this for her? I’m sure they didn’t do it for selfish reasons but I wouldn’t want to take that risk on my child’s behalf.


Molly Bowman is a junior journalism major from Shreveport who serves as editor for The Tech Talk. Email comments to mmb041@latech.edu.


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