It pays to be a winner

November 8, 2012



Associate Sports Editor


Some things are better left alone.


During the Louisiana Tech versus University of Texas-San Antonio homecoming game, a patch of fans left the game early to watch the Louisiana State University Tigers lose to the University of Alabama Crimson Tide.


I could hear die-hard Bulldog fans grumbling from the press box and saw friends post statuses and tweets expressing their disappointment in those fans leaving.


When it comes to Bulldog fans cheering for LSU, I don’t think the SEC match up was worthy of leaving early. This is a time for Bulldog fans to realize we as fans and students have the opportunity to create something special here.


Before you start stoning me, let me explain myself.


I am from south Louisiana, where LSU is bigger than Mardi Gras. However, my favorite team is LA Tech, and my second is whoever beats LSU that weekend. I was born and raised to dislike LSU. But like I was born and raised to strongly dislike them, there are many who come to Tech who were born and raised to love the Tigers.


I feel trying to convince a LSU fan to not cheer for them is like trying to convince a liberal to join the Tea Party.


We are not at the same level of competition as them; however, we can be.


It takes patience and dedication from the students and fans to make a powerhouse athletic program.


All of the major college football members are set with great coaches, players and staff members. They put a lot of time and effort to the program, and it is time to pay them back for what they do.


Donations and an athletic student fee would drastically change the budget for our sports.


I know students do not like adding more fees to their outstanding quarter bills, but it costs to be a boss.


Even though Louisiana Tech is one of the more expensive schools in the state, the state as a whole is relatively cheaper among the southeastern region.


States like California, Texas and Florida all have multiple universities who compete annually to not only be the best in their conference but also best in the state.


LSU does not have an in-state rival to compete with them yearly and I think, since the die hard fans are too prideful to play University of Louisiana-Monroe, Tech needs an in-state rival, too.


Besides, LSU needs to find a rival they can actually compete with besides the Crimson Tide.


Derek is a junior journalism and marketing major from Metairie. Email comments to dja014@latech.edu.


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