3001: A Laced Odyssey

March 24, 2016


Glorious Dead Recordings

Glorious Dead Recordings

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“3001: A Laced Odyssey,” Flatbush Zombie’s newest album based off Stanley Kubrick’s film “2001: A Space Odyssey,” is a uniquely executed musical experience.

The Brooklyn “Beast Coast” hip-hop and rap trio consists of members Meechy Darko, Zombie Juice and Erik “The Architect” Elliot.

Rap artists such as Pro Era (the Joey Bada$$ crew), the Underachievers, Phony Ppl along with Flatbush Zombies make up the collective group of the “Beast Coast” movement musicians.

This rap is new and is different than what audiences are used to because the sound is more underground and experimental played by young artists expressing bold opinions about the world, government and society along with experimenting with psychedelics.

The truly respectable aspect of this album is how the artists combine so many different elements like fast beats, lyrics about current events and social in justice, along with encouraging the exploration of the mind with psychedelic drugs.

The influence and pairing of their fast paced beats to the visuals of Kubrick’s film only enhances the album and is also why the album has gained so much interest.

“The Odyssey” is a great and powerful opening song because it is a bold introduction and paves the way for the rest of the album.

This album seems to reflect an acid trip and this song is the takeoff, as if listening to the album is beginning a journey.

The lyrics on this song are extremely descriptive, sometimes radical and also depressing as it introduces a theme Flatbush Zombies uses throughout the album saying, “I do not exist.”

But even with these dark often morbid lyrics, Flatbush Zombies combines fast paced and drop slower hard beats, still always rapping about going hard, partying and constantly smoking weed with the interlude song, “Smoke Break.”

The album could be seen as these artists’ way of analyzing their mind and very core, discovering the dark parts of the subconscious, expressing these through music.

The short fifth track “Fly Away” is instrumentally very good, but it also is very sad as it mirrors a reflecion of the feeling of brokeness. The lyrics are about a despaired outlook on life along with mentioning suicide and lyrics like, “how can I fly away, I’m gonna die anyway.”

Popular songs like “Bounce” and “Ascension” move faster with hard beats, emphasizing the highs of a good  psychedelic trip.

They  also transition well with the rest of the album.

All of the songs work very well together, even though they bounce back and forth from good trips to bad trips.

Although the album is well-made, “Your Favorite Rap Song” closes the album with minutes of fan feedback praising the artists, which was not as strong of an ending as it could have been.


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