Celebrity secrets

October 26, 2017


Sarah-Katherine Semon

Staff Reporter | sks033@latech.edu




In a world ruled by the media, celebrities are in the spotlight more than ever. In light of recent events the question of how social media plays a role in the unveiling of the private lives and secrets of celebrities  has become more prevalent.


Harvey Weinstein, a film producer and former film studio executive, has been in the news as of late for secrets he thought were buried and hidden. The Hollywood honcho is swimming in accusations of sexual assault from a growing list of people in the industry.


Though he reportedly tried for years to pay people for their silence, the news inevitably broke.


Was it foolish of him to try to keep any of his indiscretions in the dark?


A man with the level of fame that Weinstein possessed had to know he was living under the microscope of the public. Perhaps the most questionable detail in the whole scenario is people in the industry knew of Weinstein’s inexcusable behavior for years and no one came forward until recently.


Is people’s silence encouraging this type of behavior to continue, not only in Hollywood but everywhere?


Rose McGowan, one of the first celebrities to speak out against Weinstein, received some serious backlash from an unexpected source: Twitter. After coming forward with information regarding the Weinstein situation via Twitter, the actress’s account was temporarily locked.


The social networking site stated the actress’ tweets contained a private phone number, which violates Twitter’s terms of service.


Is this the sort of reaction from people and companies that keep people from sharing their experiences with the world?


Although Twitter’s reaction to McGowan’s tweets can be construed as a negative, it did start a very positive social media movement. The hashtag “MeToo” was born out of the Twitter turmoil. The movement encourages anyone who has been a victim of any sort of sexual assault or harassment to come forward and share their story in hopes of helping others affected.


The movement, which has now spread across all social media outlets, is helping give a voice to people like the actors affected by Weinstein’s actions.


I believe that in this age of media, it is nearly impossible to keep anything in the dark. For celebrities, such as Weinstein, who live their lives in the spotlight, it is even more difficult for secrets to stay secret.


People like McGowan and the others who spoke out against Weinstein should be commended for their honesty. They used their celebrity platform to educate and help others.


There is and might always be a negative light on social media and the effects it has on society, but times like this cannot be overlooked. Social media helped bring this situation to light and may have helped hundreds of people with a simple hashtag.


Sarah-Kathrine Semon is a  senior communication major from  Shreveport, Louisiana. 


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