Spring Dog Dip gives owners a deal

April 28, 2016


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Maggie Morgan (left)  and Lori Winborne (right) dry Gunther. Photo by Avery Bryan

Maggie Morgan (left) and Lori Winborne (right) dry Gunther. Photo by Avery Bryan


The Louisiana Tech Pre-Veterinary Club held the second of its biannual dog dips last  Saturday. Dog owners were able to get their  pups a flea dip, a full bath and a nail trimming for $7.



“We absolutely have an amazing passion for people and their animals,” said Kohl Brandon, vice president of the Pre-Veterinary Club “We just love to get out here, get some people out here with their dogs and create a sense of community.”



Brandon said the dog dip is a great opportunity because the price is cheap relative to most other places. He said the price is a big  attraction and helps in bringing the people of Ruston together in their love of dogs.



“Even though college students know their dogs need grooming, the prices keep them away,” said Brandon, “Our goal is to give Louisiana Tech students a couple of chances a year to take advantage of a really good deal.”



Shawn Trivette, an assistant professor of sociology at Tech, brought his dogs to the dip. He said the event demonstrates that the Pre-Veterinary Club recognizes a larger issue in Ruston.



“There are so many dog owners around Ruston, but there isn’t a whole lot of infrastructure available for them,” Trivette said.“It’s nice to see that there are clubs that see this and want to set up something fun and helpful for them, even if it’s just an event or two here and there.”



Lauren Dartez, a sophomore animal science major, said this event is a good opportunity for students new to the college.



“Unlike the fall quarter dip, the spring quarter is warm enough to where we can actually give them baths,” Dartez said. “This allows everyone who is a pre-vet major to learn all three of the basic tasks of dog grooming.”



Dartez said the dip is one of several events which help pre-vets get to know each other more. She said the money they earn allows them to go on trips ripe with potential for bonding, but it also helps them to scope out the next step in their education.



“This is a major fundraiser that allows us to go on important trips to other schools with pre-vet programs” Dartez said. “On some of these trips we even get to check out actual veterinary schools.”



Maggie Morgan said the dips have always been a success and have always had a high attendance. Morgan, president of the  Pre-Veterinary Club, said this particular dog dip was a bigger success than usual.



“This is the biggest dog dip I’ve been a part of so far, and I love the fact that the dips are always a reliable fundraising and fellowshipping source,” said Morgan, a senior pre-vet major.



Morgan said the Pre-Vet Club does not generally discriminate, but hopes for only dogs to show up.



“We advertise and try to get all types to come,” Morgan said, “We had some people come who needed some strays properly groomed so they could be taken into their homes.”



Morgan said they have had some odd requests which  have ranged from funny to those the club had to refuse.



“We had a hedgehog show up for a wash a couple of quarters ago,” Morgan said. “We even had some people emailing us about some cats needing washes, but we had to refuse because we had a pretty good idea of how a cat would react to being sprayed with a hose.”


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