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February 6, 2014


Ray and Kim Weaver traveled to Dallas in 2013 to watch the Bulldogs play Army in the inaugural Heart of Dallas Classic. – Submitted photo

Ray and Kim Weaver traveled to Dallas in 2013 to watch the Bulldogs play Army in the inaugural Heart of Dallas Classic. – Submitted photo

Chad Merritt
Sports Editor


This is the last of a series about the donors who help fund Tech athletics.


Standing up and cheering on the Bulldogs while surrounded by the enthusiastic screams of many other fans around can describe many spectators who attend Tech’s athletic events. For Ray Weaver, this passion continues to bring him back to Tech year after year to continue cheering on the Bulldogs.


Weaver, a 1977 geology graduate, continues to support Tech in the same unwavering manner he did while he was a student.


“I was fortunate to go to Tech at a time when we were great at every sport,” Weaver said. “Being a diehard Saints fan, I’m a diehard behind everything I support, which definitely includes Tech.”


Born in Metairie, Weaver moved to Ruston to attend Tech after a year at the Air Force Academy. He said he loved Ruston and Tech, even at a time when there was not much to do.

Dynamic Donors

“Ruston was not as fun when I was in school as it is now,” Weaver said. “But you make friends and make your own fun.”


Weaver met his wife Kim while both were in school at Tech. Both are donors, Tech fans and members of the Louisiana Tech Athletics Club.


Being a donor for more than 30 years, he said there’s no better way to show love for the university one loves than by donating.


“Getting other people to love what you love is great,” Weaver said. “Donating is a great way to share your experiences with others.”


No matter the amount, Weaver said any donation is important for Tech.


“There’s no problem with giving $5, $25 or $100,” Weaver said. “Whether it’s $5 from a lot of people or $500 from one, every dollar helps.”


Getting the quarterly updates on how Tech is improving and developing is just one reason why Weaver appreciates being a donor.


“Watching the nanotechnology program grow and have success, and knowing you are a small part to this big project, is a good thing,” Weaver said.


Weaver also said he appreciates that the athletic department works to give extra sporting event tickets to local kids and families, again making him proud of his school.


Appreciative that Tech has seen a rise in student attendance for football games, Weaver said that students need to attend more games at the Thomas Assembly Center to support the basketball teams.


“Back at Memorial Gym, we would rock and roll,” Weaver said. “It was exciting and I hope we bring it back up. Basketball is the sport with the best bang for the buck.”


Even if you cannot be a donor, Weaver said that involvement and participation is a great way to support Tech.


“We need students and fans to get into our basketball teams,” Weaver said. “Get in there and start jumping up and down even if you’re the only one doing so on your row.”


Weaver said that whether you donate to athletics or academics the money is going to a good program.


“I love this university,” Weaver said. “I believe in what they are doing here, and the good people who are here. It’s just a great place to be.”


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